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Beginning of January 2021, I released version 1.3 of my mobile game Bineroo. The main feature of this latest release is the daily challenge. A new grid to play is randomly selected every day at 8 am (Spéracèdes Time). All players are notified and can play it for free. The idea was to build a daily world competition and drive user engagement. More in my previous post about this release.

In the beginning, I wanted to make sure everything was working correctly so I started playing the daily challenge every day. …

The article is part of technical blog series on my first game made with Flutter, Bineroo. It is a puzzle game with 3 simple rules to respect in order to fill in a grid:

Rule 1: Equal number of blacks and whites in each column and row

Rule 2: No more than 2 adjacent circles of the same color

Rule 3: No identical rows or columns



Bineroo Gameplay

If you are interested in Why Bineroo? Why Flutter?

I founded DARGIL back in 2011. I was young (i mean younger 😅) and had a dream: building mobile games with a true social impact. My first creation, The Moskies (No need to search it on the stores. It is long gone), was a casual game with two parts: a fun one where you had to crash as many mosquitoes as you can and an educational one where the goal was to answer a series of questions regarding mosquitoes and more importantly malaria.


Have Fun @ DARGIL

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