Bineroo Gameplay

Analysis of the requirements

Grid on Android
  • 0 (represented by a white circle ⚪️ )
  • 1 (represented by a black circle ⚫️)
  • Empty (represented by an empty circle with a red border)

Let’s code

  • A value represented by a String of a unique character with one of the following possibilities “0”, “1”, “.”
  • A mutable state represented by a bool
  • A position represented by an int equals the index of the tile within the grid String
  • A callback function represented by a dynamic type var that will be called every time a mutable tile is changed

Bonus: How to convert a stateless widget to stateful with key shortcuts

  • its initial value
  • its current value
  • its solution

Test and Fix




Have Fun @ DARGIL

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Have Fun @ DARGIL

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