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Beginning of January 2021, I released version 1.3 of my mobile game Bineroo. The main feature of this latest release is the daily challenge. A new grid to play is randomly selected every day at 8 am (Spéracèdes Time). All players are notified and can play it for free. The…

The article is part of technical blog series on my first game made with Flutter, Bineroo. It is a puzzle game with 3 simple rules to respect in order to fill in a grid:

Rule 1: Equal number of blacks and whites in each column and row

Rule 2: No…

I founded DARGIL back in 2011. I was young (i mean younger 😅) and had a dream: building mobile games with a true social impact. My first creation, The Moskies (No need to search it on the stores. …


Have Fun @ DARGIL

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