Bineroo 1.3: one Day, one Grid

What’s new in v1.3?

How does it work in detail?

This section is more for technical guys so I won’t be offended if you don’t read it :D

  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Messaging
Workflow “Getting the daily grid”
  • https.onRequest clearly shows that the cloud function is triggered on a HTTPs request. This is very convenient as you can test it directly from your browser. WARNING: don’t forget to protect access with IAM if you are exposing sensitive information (not the case here)
  • I found out that the JSON response must return information inside a data object. I am not sure it is absolutely mandatory. But as far as I remember it was not working well on the device side without it. To be clarified.
  • Important to use Firestore datatypes to insert elements in the collection. Here the field generated_at is of type admin.firestore.Timestamp
Application states (from official documentation)
service cloud.firestore {
match /databases/{database}/documents {
match /{document=**} {
allow read, write: if false; //deny all access. Cloud functions run under administrative privileges



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